Monday, March 14, 2011

My favorite peeps..

So I realize all I do is post pictures of my family and talk about what they are doing and how fun they are. Now that I stay at home full time (which I LOVE and so glad that I get to) that is my life. I would love to get into something for me, that I enjoy on my down time, but I am trying to figure out what that is. I started reading again and I am reading The girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Paul and I planned some fun new meals this week, so if they turn out good, I will post those recipes. I am realizing I am also excited about a house because I will have something to do that I love, organize! I like decorating too(not like I am really good, but it is fun for me) and just having a place to call home and take care of. I still feel in transition since I know us living with the Mason's is not permanent, but we are so thankful and glad to be living with them during this time since it has eliminated alot of responsibility that a home would bring. But I feel ready for that again. I am also starting to run/workout more frequently which feels really good! And I have two projects that I am working on; organize all our recipes into one box (they are all over the place) and print pictures for baby book and photo album that Paul got me for Christmas. I am excited about more to look forward to for myself, I feel I have been so lazy the past few months. Paul has spring break this week (whoooh) but not really since he will still be studying, but he will definitely be around more. I hope to do a couple fun things with the family this week, so we will see how much we can steal him away during the day. I hope everyone (like the two people that read this blog) has a great week and hopefully, we will be posting more often:)

Elyse is hosting a Tea party for us and her friends

Last week, I feed some rice cereal to June for the first time (4 1/2 months old, crazy to me b/c I waited until Elyse was 6 months, but she really liked it. I haven't given her any since, but it was fun. My doc said I could, so I thought why not try a little)

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