Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Secret

So as many of you know by now, Kristin and I are expecting our first addition to the family. Some start with plants. Others with dogs. We wanted to jump right in a get our feet wet with a new little person. Kristin and I are so excited to experience this new phase of our life. The tentative due date is December 17th. We will have our 20 week appointment on Monday, August 4th. This is when we will get to find out whether we will be having a boy or a girl. We will keep everyone posted.

Although this came as a big surprise at first, we have found ourselves becoming more and more anxious as the date approaches. It is amazing the amount of information that is available to parents-to-be. Just this past week as I spoke with various people, I began to realize that everyone has their own story about their pregnancy and parenting experiences. Some good and some startling. One conversation has made me realized what a miracle a child is. I have seen a glimpse of the miracle that is already occurring. Just the other day I felt the coolest thing. A little foot or elbow bumping my hand as I touched Kristin's stomach. Just miraculous. I see now that as a parent and going through this pregnancy that there is every opportunity to begin to worry and attempt to keep your wife and child-to-be free of anything that could even remotely cause injury or complication. As I seek to become more like Christ I realize that no amount of worry or preparation can take the place of the hope we have in walking with Him. A precarious life is sometimes the best in that it calls us to a state of dependency on that hope. This is just a small glimpse of what I have walked through this last week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moonlight Classic

Last night a bunch of our friends got together to ride in the Moonlight Classic. The Moonlight Classic is a bike tour that starts at the capital building in downtown Denver at midnight and meanders through 15 miles of Denver. Many people dress up in costumes and deck out their bikes with all kinds of crazy stuff. The streets are closed to car traffic by local police along the route which makes it fun to just cruise through town. Below are a few pics of Kristin and I and some of our crazy friends.

This is the group of riders that we went with. A crazy group of friends. Especially the guy in the speedo who received plenty of hilarious comments along the way.

One of my friends mounted a charcoal grill on the back of his bike and we grilled brats while we rode the 15 miles. Brats never tasted so good at 1 in the morning. This is when we lit it the grill on the way downtown. We were in front of a lady's house that almost called the cops because the fire got a little out of control. We also had an ipod with speakers mounted to another bike for some fun tunes as we rode.

Kristin and I at the last rest stop. We were getting a little tired at 1:30am but had so much fun on the ride.

This was the group of guys that went.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So, this is my first time writing on the blog and I am excited to keep it up. My goal is to write on it at least once a week once the baby comes:) So I wanted to post some of our fun summer adventures that we have not had a chance to do yet. The first is a trip to Dallas for Charlie and Shelby's wedding. It was a wonderful time of hanging out with family, lots of family:)

Next, I flew back to Dallas the following weekend for Rob and Kim's wedding. I loved getting to see all my friends and catch up with them.

Last, we spent a weekend in beautiful Vail, CO with our friends Chad and Bekah. Paul and Chad were playing in a Volleyball tournament called King of the Court. They did amazing and won 1ST PLACE!!! It was fun to cheer them on and of course to be up in Vail, it was beautiful!