Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I had the day off this morning before our big trip to Costa Rica. We are pretty excited about the trip but I decided to take today off even though we don't leave until 7pm tonight. Our nanny still came so I could get stuff ready for our trip since Kristin had to work but I took some time to make a fun video of some random clips of the family this morning. I hope you smile watching it as much as I do.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ellie's Growing Up!

So Elyse has been having so much fun lately. Kristin and I (Mostly Kristin) have been taking her to the park almost everyday. She loves watching other kids. She probably inherited that from her parents who tend to people watch way to much. Ellie hasn't figured out the whole staring thing though. She has recently figured out how to climb the steps and probably would climb steps for hours if we would let her.

We also took her to get her first taste of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. It was one of our birthday celebration outings but really it was for Ellie to enjoy her first cup of ice cream. No hands just dive right in. I can't wait to see her eat spaghetti. This reminds me of one thing I've learned about myself lately. I don't really like messy things when it comes to the kitchen or eating. Krisitn laughs at me but Ellie is breaking me of that because I think we have at least three layers of banana, cottage cheese, yogurt and who knows what else below her high chair. So much fun to see her learn and experience new things though. Enjoy the video of some of her fun times.


So last week was my 28th birthday and yes that feels old to me. Kristin surprised me and took me out to eat and to a concert. It was so much fun to go grab dinner and just hang out and listen to music. We saw Carolina Liar, One Republic and Rob Thomas. They were all really good but we had fun listening to One Republic the most. These guys were so talented. All that to say my wife is so thougtful so make that happen.

Then of course we had to celebrate with one of my favorites. The beautiful chocolate eclair cake. So tasty. Many of you know I love to bake to I ended up making the cake for fun so Kristin didn't feel like she needed to but of course she helped.

Birthday's are so much fun. We started a fun tradition by celebrating a birthday week. Why settle for one day? Birthday's are so important because for at least 12 hours before you are born people are getting ready and celebrating and after you are born "the baby" is all anyone can talk about for a week so we decided why not keep that thought process each year and celebrate a birthday week. Kristin and Elyse made this an extra special year, Love you ladies!