Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm HUGE!!!

That's right, some more prego pictures for you guys. I know alot of you are requesting more, so here you go! Oh, I am going to start talking in weeks. So from what I have learned, you are really prego for 10 months/40 weeks, so right now I am just over 8 months/32 weeks (crazy!!), but I still have just under 8 more weeks to go. I feel huge right now with my belly, but overall I feel really great which is such a blessing. Paul and I are getting more and more excited as time gets closer, we can't wait to meet her! Anyway, enjoy the pics!

24 weeks

28 weeks

32 weeks
Fun Project

Sorry it has been so long since we have posted on our blog, but we have alot of posts coming. This first one is a fun project Paul and I decided to take on a month or so ago. We had a grape vine that was falling over, so we decided to make an arbor for the grape vine. It was a really fun project for us to do together and it turned our better than I thought it would. The arbor is the entrance to our backyard.