Thursday, February 26, 2009

More pictures from our Houston Trip

This blue dress Elyse is wearing was mine when I was a baby, thanks mom for holding on to it!

Bath Time


Happy Girl!

Houston Bound

Elyse and I decided to go to Houston to hang out with my family these past two weeks. It was a treat for me to get some help with Elyse and for my parents to get to spend time with Elyse and get to know her. It was such great time for me, but hard because we were away from Paul for a long time. The first weekend we were there we took a road trip with Kevin and Ginna up to Dallas to see some of my friends and family. We stayed with my friend Alissa and she was so sweet to have our friends over to her house so they could meet Elyse. Then I got to see Shelby and Cade and the Masons, and Grand Martha. I loved getting to see so many people and for them to meet Elyse. Houston was so relaxing for us and my mom throw a little sip and see so we could show Elyse off to some of her friends. I also got to see my friends Angela and Jacob & Meredith. Elyse did so great traveling around with me, I was worried it would be too much for her.

My Dad with Elyse

Alissa and Elyse

Cade is such a great cousin!

Julie and Elyse

Friends in Dallas
Uncle Sam came to town

Well the past three weeks have been so much fun with a lot going on. A few weeks ago Sam came in town. It was so much fun to have him here and for him to meet Elyse. When he first got in town we went up to Red Rock Theater which is where bands come to play, amazing place. Then over the weekend we all went up to the mountains to go snowboarding (well not Elyse or myself) and to hang out. It was Elyse's first overnight adventure. The first night was really rough with the sleeping, but other than that she did great and we got to hang out with our friends Andy, Jillian, and baby Pheobe. Paul got to enjoy snowboarding with the guys. The next week Sam, Elyse, and I went up to Boulder and hung out with Ray and Shauna. It was great to see them and to show Sam around Boulder. I have put some pictures below from this week.

Elyse with her friend Pheobe

Red Rocks Theater

Monday, February 09, 2009

...And then came the swing

So we hung out with our friends Becca and Justin Rounds a few weeks ago and they brought over this travel swing. Paul and I have tried to keep it simple with things we have for Elyse around the house, so we didn't get a swing. However, when they put Elyse in it she was out! It was amazing! Elyse is a great sleeper at night, but doesn't like to take long naps during the day which makes it hard for me to get things done or even take a nap. So we decided we should look into one. We got on craigslist and bought one the next day. Definitely worth the money. We love the idea of keeping it simple, but when it comes to making our lives a little easier we have decided it would be worth it! See the picture below of Elyse in her new swing and I have put some other fun ones from the past couple weeks. Oh and Elyse's neck is getting stronger so I have put a video of her lifting up her head, how exciting!