Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The last 3 months..

So I am not really going to go through the past few months because that would be way to much ground to make up and mostly I don't really remember. But to sum it up, June was born and the next 6 weeks were pretty tough due to the adjustment for everyone in our family, lack of sleep, Paul being in school, the gas issue June had (she is better now thank goodness), and everything else in between (really not any good excuses not to blog, but finally we are!). But I would say once 6 weeks hit things started getting so much better and I am loving having two amazing girls, they are so much fun, and such a blessing to us. June or "June Bug" as we call her is the cutest and happiest little baby and is talking (cooing) and reaching and exploring the world around her now. She is about to be 4 months old, time has gone by so fast probably because Elyse keeps me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Elyse seems so old to me, I feel like she was just a baby, now she is telling me what to do (yes she is stubborn and likes to correct me when I am wrong). We were reading a book and she likes to point to things and ask "what's that". I said a bear and she looks as me and says "no mommy, that's a rabbit", in this sassy little voice. It was hilarious and too funny (she was actually right, opps!)

Anyway, I could go on and on about my girls. We are actually looking at houses right now, we are ready to be in our own place and be closer to Paul's school. We are excited and so ready, but just waiting for that perfect house to come along. We thought we had one and had it under contract, but after my parents seeing it, it was going to be too much work to keep up. Hard to handle at first because we were emotionally attached to the house, but now feel a peace about it. We know there is a house for us out there, hopefully sooner than later.

Below are some pics of what has been going on lately.

This is Elyse on her Strider Running bike. If you haven't heard of these bikes and have a child between 2 and 5, you should check these out, they are amazing! They have no peddles and you walk with them and as you get better you start running and pulling up your feet. Kids learn balance. Elyse is just starting to use it, but our nephew Miles, 3 years old, LOVES this bike, I can't wait until Elyse gets into it like he did.

Elyse trying to calm down June

Snow day, Paul took Elyse sledding and snowboarding, they had so much fun.

June talking

Elyse with her stretchy bracklets, she LOVES them!

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kaseygilliam said...

ADORABLE - that bike is incredible!